About me

I’m a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a cousin and a friend.

I’ve always had full conversations with myself…just inside my head.  Am I crazy?  The answer to that depends on who you ask.  Or, better yet, decide for yourself.  I only know that one day I decided to transfer the conversations inside my head on to the screen in front of my face.  And now I’ve gone a step further and I’m asking you to join the conversation.  At least some of them.

Maybe one day we will actually sit down together with a cup of coffee–you know, face to face; mostly because I love that too.

Welcome to my world.  It simply is what it is.

5 thoughts on “About me”

  1. candy fontaine said:

    Blessed to be blessed through you!


  2. Hi there, JoAnne! Thank you so much for finding me out in the blogosphere, for visiting my crazy henhouse and for daring to stay around long enough to follow! Much appreciated! Mother Hen


  3. Mona Kunselman said:

    Hey! Just wanted to sign up for notification of your posts. You have a clear gift for expressing thoughts that can help many.


  4. Becky Hancock said:

    And a super sis-in-law too! I am so glad I finally sat down and read your blog, Jo! Sweet!


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