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Every now and then, a blog circulates whose content I have to process. “Brothers and Sisters, Unwed Pregnancy is not a Sin” is the current recipient of my pondering mind. I found myself mostly challenged and a little troubled as I read the blog.no sinI am troubled because I’m afraid that the generation of which my daughter is a part, really doesn’t believe in sin. I am troubled because if there is no sin, there is no need for a Savior. And if there is no need for a Savior, then everything I’ve believed is undone. Christmas and Easter and everything in between becomes meaningless. That troubles me.the-passion-of-the-christ-05

But, as I read, perhaps what troubled me most was the “why” behind the article; the message that said, “I’m over being condemned by your faith rather than being loved into faith by your faith.” Enter my partial responsibility for your lack of belief in sin.

I’m sorry millennials.

I’m sorry I confused you with rules that have no basis in scripture; rules that Jesus didn’t make but for which I credited Him anyway.

I’m sorry I cut off your questioning simply because your questions scared me.

I’m sorry for the times I put more emphasis on the rules than on the grace-relationship Jesus died to have with you.
Yancy quoteI’m sorry for listening to your words rather than your heart.

I’m sorry that I didn’t always keep “the main thing” the main thing.

I’m sorry if I forgot my primary responsibility with you; love not judgement.

Hear me. I am not against rules. They are a part of life and are often for our good, both as children and as adults. They establish necessary order and boundaries. I am, in fact, FOR rules, especially God-given rules.

What I am against are rules, made up by Christians, that have no basis in scripture. Rules that say we don’t wear hats or jeans to church. Rules that say we shouldn’t celebrate life that is conceived before marriage; a “rule” that too often makes you believe that the abortion clinic is your only option for the life growing inside you. Hard and fast rules erroneously proclaiming that scripture condemns drinking rather than having the conversations with you about why the choice to participate in social drinking carries with it the potential for ruined lives and influence. Rules that say Jesus is against coffee and stained carpet. Rules that say “I will donate this as long as I get to control how it’s used.” Basically, rules that say, “I’m more concerned about my way, my comfort and my power than winning you for Jesus.”  Those rules. I’m against those rules.

The conclusion I’m left to reach is this: it’s no wonder millennials don’t believe in sin when we have called everything we disagree with or are afraid of “sin.” Shame.on.us!

What I need to consistently confess is that scripture does teach about sin and eternal separation from God and I need to be ready with Biblical answers for what those things are. 2_timothy_3_16Not my opinion, God’s. I need to engage with you on your journey. I need to listen. I need to know scripture so I can be true to SCRIPTURE and I need to admit when I don’t know the answer to your questions. We can find those answers together. I need to pray for myself and then for you every day. I need pure motives. I need to let God be God. He will do His job. I need only do the job He has given me to do….LOVE YOU!
And I do – love you!